We have ordered two tons of disinfectants, and the factory will sent them out by tomorrow (February 8th, 2020). 

Why Disinfectants?

OLD VERSION - Why Disinfectants? - Disinfectants containing chlorine are highly effective in killing the Coronavirus when sprayed in the air or wiped over surfaces, as Dr. Li, a specialist in infectious diseases, has mentioned during an interview with the Urban Express Newspaper (都市快报). Unfortunately, like all other supplies, disinfectants are sold out in many regions of China, and people are scrambling to gather more supplies as you are reading this. We have already secured a factory in the Shandong province, approximately 600 miles North East of Wuhan. We will purchase disinfectants from the factory, and the disinfectants will be sent directly to the hospitals. The disinfectants we are planning to purchase are also used by the LIYUCHUN Fans Charity Fund, which is a large-scaled foundation established by the fans of a well-known signer in China. The antiseptics will ultimately be delivered to a hospital located in the Hubei province, called 宜城瑪麗龍頭醫院. We guarantee that the factory that produces the antiseptics is trust-worthy and that the whole process will be fully transparent. Please check below for more information on the disinfectant. 


Production permit of the Riumaichen factory​granted by the Ministry of Health of China.


This antiseptic is effective in killing Staphylococcus (99.9%), air bacteria (93.8%), Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 (99.9%), E. coli (99.9%), Aspergillus niger (99.9%), and Virus ev71 (99.9%).

The graphs in the photo validates the dissipation rate of each bacteria after they are exposed to this antiseptic.

​The Chinese government is using this disinfectant to sterilize all public transportation, but the hospitals are in more dire need than anywhere else. 


LIYUCHUN Fans Charity Fund, a well-known and well-established organization in China, also chose the disinfectant that we will purchase.